Country Chic Shelf


November 25, 2012 by meanmama

An old piece of wood was transformed to a country chic shelf using my favorite distressing technique. It begins with sanding – you’ll always hear me saying this! Sanding is a critical component to any refurbishing project. It gets the wood down to its original surface and from there the sky is the limit! Here is what the wood shelf looked like when I began :


Next was a coat of Tilly Bay’s signature blue! This is a light blue that blends well with white. It is an acrylic paint and I applied only one layer.

A coat of blue

After another coat of white came more sanding! The palm sander saves me a ton of time! By working the wood and removing the layers of paint, the natural wood starts to emerge and hence the classic Tilly Bay distressing!

Our work isn’t done yet. To give the shelf an aged look I took my favorite wood stain, Dark Walnut and applied a thin layer to the sanded shelf. The result was an antique effect that toned down the bright white and softened the whole look.

Last step!

And there we have it! Sitting pretty in my bathroom, a Tilly Bay distressed shelf!


One thought on “Country Chic Shelf

  1. Karen Sadegursky says:

    LOVE this update. The piece is gorgeous. Love the photos and being able to connect with the process of the piece being made. You are simply nailing girl. Way to go.

    Hope you had a blast at Neil 🙂

    xxx Bean

    Sent from my iPhone


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