Welcome to TillyBay!

TillyBay is the realization of a long awaited aspiration! Growing up, my father was always building and working with his hands. Now, as I settle into a life with my husband I look forward to creating our comfortable, country-style home. To my good fortune my husband’s family owns a charming cottage in the countryside. The cottage belonged to his grandparents, Sidney and Tilly Black who settled the land in the 1940’s.

The land is on Bay Missiquoi, an influx of the northern part of Lake Champlain. The lake is divided between Quebec (where we are, on the Canadian side) and Vermont in the United States.

The Bay, among the beauty and serenity of nature is where I have my workshop and obtain all my inspiration. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy what you see here at TillyBay!

La belle Baie Missisquoi!


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